Mike Sweeney, you are terrible

May 3, 2010 at 3:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

When Jackie Z created the 2010 roster, he made it with a few philosophies in mind. First was that this would be a team that would win games based on defense. Second, it would win on it’s pitching. And third, it could win on making the other teams work and get into the bullpens. With the signing of Chone Figgins, and the trade for Casey Kotchman, the first and third were satisfied; two players with great gloves, and the ability to take pitches, and get on base. The Cliff Lee acquisition satisfies number two.

Mike Sweeney? He satisfies none of these. He can’t play defense. He swings at the first pitch. I’d might give him a passing grade if it weren’t for the fact that him hitting was an absolute disaster at this point. Mike Sweeney is everything that Jack built this team to be, and ended up throwing it down a garbage chute. I understand that he makes the clubhouse fun. But how fun is a clubhouse after he hits into a bases-loaded, inning-ending double play? If I was Jack Wilson, I’d be pretty angry I got subbed out for that.

Mike, listen. You’re a really nice guy. I know you don’t want to quit. No one does. You had a pretty awesome career. You had several all-star appearances, you beat the shit out of Jeff Weaver, and you owned Spring Training pitching and made the team waive Ryan Garko. But isn’t enough enough? Are you still having fun sitting on the bench? You don’t want to be a coach, I get that. But aren’t you a coach at this point? When you hit, you’re hurting the team more. If you were a coach, you wouldn’t be hurting the team at all.

I think it’s time for retirement. You can ride out in the sunset, knowing you had an amazing career. Do it before you embarrass yourself anymore. I’m sure your wife will be proud of you regardless of any decision you make.


Concerned Mariner Fan


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